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Category: Formats Of Poker

To understand poker’s world to perfection, it is necessary to start from the basics, that is, from the main differences between the various poker formats. This game, of uncertain origins but sure to spread from the United States of America, has established itself in the common imagination as one of the most famous casino games, as well as a real sport. Thus, the main distinction to be established when it comes to poker is between two categories :

  • The poker gambling, where you use real money to play and collect winnings;
  • The poker gambling, where you use real money to play and collect winnings;

Once this main difference has been established, it is possible to move on to the three fundamental formats with which you can play poker:

  •   The live poker ;
  • The online poker ;
  • The video poker.

Live Poker

The traditional poker played at the casino tables around the world, is a card game with very specific rules and patterns to follow. Each hand can host different combinations of cards, with relative poker scores, which can be followed by certain actions capable of reversing the outcome of the game itself and the game. The strength of this variant of the game is certainly the “human” aspect. By playing live against other players, it is possible to implement different tactics and strategies, including that of the so-called “bluff,” to influence others’ games. This variant also shares the basic rules with the other two and the use of 52 card decks with French seeds (hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades).

Online Poker And Live Online Poker

The online casino is a big draw for players; Traditional poker lovers will not be disappointed in this case. The online poker, both live and against any automatic software, will be the same as the classic poker game rules with the positive addition of all the comforts and strengths of a digital game. In the first place, you can play from your devices wherever you are, just be equipped with suitable support (in most cases, a smartphone, a tablet, a desktop computer, or a laptop is enough) and a good connection. When everything is needed, the number of games and versions available will open up new perspectives for the game and, above all, for fun. Finally, the winnings can reach the same numbers as those played live: without a doubt, it is worth trying to play poker online or live poker!

Video Poker

The video poker is one of the types of the game resulting from the best-known poker: they are real machines, aesthetically very similar to those of the slot machine, and very often are located within the traditional casino or in premises designed, in which you can play poker against the computer console and not other opponents. This mode of use of poker, therefore, involves not coming into contact with other players, such as when playing live, nor with software or other “digital” players, as in the case of playing poker online. Usually, the kind of poker that can be played through video poker is the 5 card draw, but there are also machines for the other variants. To conclude, in video poker, there are specific game variations that are more recurring than the others:

  •   The Deuces Wild Poker, in which the two are considered as wild cards;
  • The Jacks or Better Poker, in which it is necessary at least a pair of jacks to win;
  • Jokers Wild poker, in which a joker is always included in the deck.